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Predicting the Heat/Spurs NBA Finals Rematch

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    I know that this is a political forum and all. And 90% of the time, I'm all for that. But with the other 10% I like to talk sports. Since I know sports talk does gain at least some traction around here, I thought I'd pose the question before Game 1 of the NBA Finals, and get a feel for what actual people think is going to happen in the Heat/Spurs series this year. So, I will ask, who has the edge, the San Antonio Spurs or the Miami Heat?

    Predictions on how the series will go? My guess: Heat win in 6. I'm thinking the first 4 games go back and forth, with home court taking it. Then the Heat clean up games 5 and 6 and win the three-peat. Not going on too much of a limb either, James gets another MVP win as well. I just don't think this Spurs team can win a series against the Heat. The Spurs are good and can definitely win games here and there against anyone. But, when it comes right down to it, the Heat are just the best team in the league.

    Game 1 is at 9pm EST on ABC in San Antonio. I guess the way I predicted it, the Spurs will win game 1. I may want to rethink that... nah. Spurs will win the series opener, just not the series.
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    I agree with you. As a fan in Ohio, our team is LeBron's first team and he had to go. He spent many years there. Many Cleveland fans are still bitter. It was a classless act the way he announced it. Far too much hype.
    Because LeBron's from Ohio and (almost never used - Center) Greg Oden is from Ohio State. His career has been plagued
    with constant foot (micro-fractures) injuries and surgeries. Should be very exciting. ENJOY !!!!!!
    Heat in 6 or 7. If it goes back to San Antonio for game 7, watch out. Dwayne Wade is better rested this time. Hopefully that will help.
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    Spurs destroyed the Heat in this series 4-1. Dismantled them more like it. Just now ended. Would not have been my guess, but looks like they get their revenge after all. King James couldn't beat them single-handedly, and Wade pretty much was non-existent in the whole series.
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    Somebody once said "To be the Champ, you have to beat the Champ" and the Spurs beat the two time champions.

    The best team won. I thought Miami would win, because they had the best player, but San Antonio went about 10 deep and deserved this win.

    I was really happy to see a young player like Leonard named MVP and he earned it.
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    It was all very interesting. In this day and age, we are all so focused on the flash, the highlight reel, and the hype. Last night....... an old fashioned team that was built and grown together. A very well coached team won the game. Because they all seem like good people, I am very happy for them.
    Now the talk shifts to team rebuilding. Miami needs to restructure everything. At least 2 stars need significant pay cuts so they can get some much needed young talent, youth, and a good big man in the center.
    Many are speculating that Carmelo Anthony will seriously consider Miami because he has no championship (after many years in the league). LeBron and Wade have experience playing with him in the past Olympics. I would pass on him as I think he's selfish and not a team player also not much of a defensive player. Much hype will follow. I saw it being discussed on ESPN this morning (already).

    Yes K.L. winning the MVP was very nice too. Good for you Kawhi.