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Jay Carney to Resign As Press Secretary

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    It's been one busy Friday for the Obama Administration. Moments after it was reported that Secretary Shinseki was resigning, the President announced that Jay Carney will also be stepping down from his position within the next couple of months. President Obama will be replacing Carney with current principal deputy press secretary Josh Earnest. Mr. Earnest is someone who has been with the President since his days in the United States Senate and should have no problem transitioning into his new role.

    Carney approached President Obama back in early April about his desire to step down and the President said he was not able to convince his friend to stay on the job much longer. He said the pressure on his family has been tough and he wants to take a few months off before deciding what he was going to do next. He has already swatted away one rumor that he has his sights set on being the next Russian Ambassador by emphatically stating he has no desire for the position.

    What do you think of Carney's performance these past few years? Was he a good spokesperson for the President or are you looking forward to seeing a fresh face in the White House briefing room each day?
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    He had one of the toughest jobs in Washington.

    He had to help lie and cover up plenty for the president and the administration, but I thought he did a good job of keeping his composure under rough questioning. The next guy will get the same treatment, of course.

    He was our version of Baghdad Bob, as my neighbor called him, and in many instances, that was an accurate description.

    Is there a more thankless job? Whatever he got paid, he earned it.
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    Did all of the modern era President's, Franklin Roosevelt on up, have the need for a Press Spokesperson/ Secretary, does anyone know when the need for this position arose and who was the first President to have one. This position seems to lack the requirement for truthfulness and integrity, the Job seems to entail the constant spinning of an event to divert the attention away from the White House, and if they are not spinning , they are very often evading direct answers to direct questions from the press corps, so given the past performances of not just this Press Secretary but their predecessor's as well, begs the answer, of just what is their job, and why should the American Taxpayer pay for a position that causes or requires the person to be less than truthful to the American people.

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    Scott McClellan made me really hate the job of press secretary. Its been difficult for me ever since to take that position seriously. They are spin doctors, and unfortunately not much else. Although from time to time the position is important. The spokesman does make several important announcements to the public and at least attempts to give insight into the current administration's train of thought.

    I liked Carney worlds better than any other hack that Bush put up there. But, I guess that shows my biases right there. Even still, Carney seems like a nice enough guy. And it is a very thank-less and stress-filled job, no doubt about that. I laughed out loud when I read the name of Carney's replacement. Mr. Earnest. What a perfect name for that job. It's like something straight out of a comic book or cheesy action movie. I don't know anything about the guy. But I do know that his name will spark about a billion and a half puns between today and the time he steps down. Good luck, Mr. Earnest. That job is tough. Perhaps the toughest in all of on-camera gigs.
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    It's not easy being the whipping boy for anyone, let alone the POTUS!