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Shinseki resigns

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    Of course he "resigns". Just like Sebilious "resigned".

    I thought that maybe they'd keep Shinseki on a little longer to absorb all the blame, like happened with Sebilious.

    They were both doomed when their respective scandals broke, it was just a matter of time.

    Maybe Shinseki made the decision to fall on his sword now, to protect others and why not get out today without going through more of the hell that his life had become. Now he should embark on an apology tour to tell the relatives of those who died of neglect so that people could get more money out of the system just how sorry he is.

    And mostly so that people could collect their bonus checks! Bonus checks are more important than peoples lives, and it's becoming more obvious every day. Cooked books, duplicate lists, intentionally incorrect dates, lies, lies, and more lies. People should go to jail, but they'll probably just get a raise and collect even MORE bonuses. There's no accountability with this government.

    It's all about MONEY, as usual!