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Factory Farming Video

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    One Green Planet: Factory Farming

    I have to admit that this video was an eye opener for me. Maybe I'll become a vegetarian. Meat lovers don't watch.
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    I have heard it many times from many different people:

    If you saw how your food was prepared, you'd never eat that food.

    It's VERY common for people who work in food processing to never eat that food.

    Meat, cereal, vegetables, granola bars, milk, pasta, kool aid, burgers...just about ANY food you can think of. And if you read the contents labels and understand what those words mean, you may put it back on the shelf. Hot dogs and sausages...don't even think about it.

    Red dye made from crushed bugs, then used to make your food more attractive, as one example.
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    I'm confused, did people think that feeding the world was less streamlined? 7,000,000,0000 people in this world and they all need to eat. The vast majority of them don't produce their own food which means the minority that does produce needs to meet the demand.

    Honestly, after watching that video, I was kinda impressed on just how efficient the process is. Call me callous, or heartless or whatever, but if they didn't do it for it, I would have to on a much smaller, less productive scale.
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    Zach, if your callous or heartless, what does that make me? The entire time I was thinking, "And? What's the problem?"... Of course I've had venison and watched it go from the buck to my plate... As for the bugs being used to make dye? So what? There are places where they don't even crush them before eating them. I've lived to many places and eaten too many things most American's would just go "ewww" to, to be bothered by how its made... The problem with the food isn't so much how its made, but how much of it people eat in one sitting.

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    Yeah, the idea of something being gross has little effect on whether it's bad for you
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    You guys are both right. Gross is a relative thing, what would gross out one person doesn't affect others at all.

    I don't have any problems with bugs being crushed to make dye for food, but for lots of people they are better off not knowing about it. And I don't particularly like knowing about it either.

    I've not only lived where they ate weird things, I've ate them, too. In Asia I was told if you don't want to eat dog, don't eat the meat on the table. The meat was good, just don't think about it. Pieces of squid and octupus still wiggling, roasted's not necessarily bad, just different.

    Think about our ancestors who had to raise or kill just about everything they ate. Of course they were tougher than us.
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    At the rate of climate change and for hardcore Global Warmers, we all will be eating some strange on the dinner table. When your hungry, you will eat anything. We will all be eating the bugs, rodents, bats, snakes, and other weird stuff because our current food options will be gone. After all the strange is gone, we will all be eating "Soylent Green".

    How about it Southern California, "Got Rain?". Some of us in the country will sell you the water for profit, of course. It's going to get a lot worse. The world hasn't seen anything bad, yet.

    I'm growing my own until the water gives out, which there hasn't been the threat, yet, other than being 4" below normal rainfall. We're thinking about it, and praying about it and some of our Indian friends are out making rain dances.

    It's special to have meat on the table, so if I purchase meat, it goes through a rigorous test before I consider buying. Factory farming is no surprise, it's all about greed and the contempt business has on people.