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Join The Anti-Corruption Reformists of America (AntiCRA)

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    We are the Anti-Corruption Reformists of America (AntiCRA)

    Our Purpose:
    Striving to put in place strict laws, and checks and balances, to perform the following functions:
    1.) Make the government more accessible and responsive to the influence of, at least, a substantial majority of US citizens and not just the country's elite
    2.) Make the electoral process less geared towards unfairly favoring incumbencies and special interests
    3.) Reform the economy into one that is not dependent on businesses and industries that are "too big to fail" and "too big to jail"
    4.) The formation of a national watch dog organization that specifically ensures those in power follow the law

    How can this be done?:
    We need YOU to join us in this cause by becoming a member of the AntiCRA. Only then, can we reveal the strategies and tactics necessary to succeed in this campaign.

    Why so exclusive?:
    'Big tent' policies sound good on paper, but accepting just anyone can lead to the dilution of the central idea, sabotage, and even the hijacking of the organization. Such problems that arise ultimately lead to the failure of any movement. However, anyone with the right reasoning, knowledge, and guts will be able to join easily.

    Why should I even care?:
    You can try to ignore big problems and not get involved, but politics are here to stay. Whatever the people with the power do, it will always affect YOU, due to their large sphere of influence. When that power is corrupt, its affects can be felt in the worst ways. In fact, it is quite possible YOU already felt it too; fired from your job around the time your bosses got bonuses, being denied better healthcare due to Congress's shenanigans, having to work multiple low-paying jobs without vacation days just to make a living, losing your home because the bank pulled a fast one, maybe something worse than what I previously mentioned. Even if it hasn't happened to you yet, if nothing is done to rectify these big problems, I guarantee it WILL eventually.

    How can anything change?:
    If you join the AntiCRA, you will NOT be alone and you will have a voice. Together, people created and enforced the system. The nation's system is a man-made construct and unlike nature, which manages itself, the system needs constant maintenance from human interaction just like anything else created by people. You CANNOT wait for someone else to make the system work justly, otherwise it either collapses from neglect or is corrupted by those who take advantage of the neglect and make it work solely for their own greedy interests. If you join and work with the rest of us, I promise that if things go well we CAN fix the system so that it caters to more than just the elites.

    I'm still unsure about whether to join or not:
    No you're not. You ARE sure about wanting to join, because you know it would be the best course of action to take; that is why you're still reading this. What you are likely feeling is actually fear of commitment and future possibilities filled with 'what ifs'. In truth, a bunch of us in AntiCRA felt the same way, but we knew we had to look pass the 'what ifs' and commit ourselves to the cause, because we knew no one else is there to fight our battles. YOU fight for YOUR survival, or NO ONE else will. ONLY then will others help YOU achieve survival as you will help them achieve theirs.

    Don't let uncertainty and hopelessness hold you back, visit
    and apply to join the cause. ONLY through this group, can YOU better your future!