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Comet That Sent Camelopardalis Meteor Shower to Pass Earth on Wednesday

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    This morning brought major disappointment to those of us who woke up early to catch the never-before-seen Camelopardalis meteor shower, but wound up watching a only handful of debris light up the night sky. While many astronomers predicted the possibility of a total dud of a shower, it was still a big let down for sky watchers world wide. Your disappointment may give you the urge to never look up in the sky again, but I would encourage you to think twice about that decision because then you will miss catching the comet that sent this never-before-seen meteor shower racing past earth.

    The bland sounding 209P/LINEAR comet will be passing by Earth sometime Wednesday evening and anyone with a consumer model 3-inch-reflector telescope and aided by a clear night sky should be able to see the comet passing by. If you don't have a powerful telescope, you can watch a live stream of the comet at the online observatory
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    I checked aswell, nothing but clouds here in North Carolina. I miss Texas night/morning skies. Nothing quite like it.
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    I stood outside for 2 hours watching and waiting last night, and only saw a total of 3.