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Michael Jace Charged in Wife's Shooting

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    Michael Jace, famous for his role on the hit television show "The Shield," was arrested and charged in connection with the murder of his wife Monday evening in Los Angeles. The actor reportedly confessed to shooting and killing his wife in a yet to be released 911 call the night of the shooting. His bail has been set at $1 million.

    This is not Jace's first domestic dispute. Jace was accused of repeatedly beating his former wife back in 1997, but he was never convicted of a crime. Maria De Le Vegas, a friend of Jace's former wife, testified in court that Jace "choked and hit [his wife] and slammed her against the wall while [their son] screamed in his crib next to her." In a cruel twist of fate, his now deceased wife defended him in court throughout those proceedings. She not only defended Jace, but went as far as calling his former wife a bad mother.

    It is illegal for individuals convicted of domestic abuse to possess firearms, but no laws are on the books preventing those accused of domestic abuse from obtaining firearms. Even if there were specific laws preventing the accused from owning and operating firearms, the loopholes in current federal law make it nearly impossible to prevent someone obtaining a weapon if they are determined to get their hands on one.

    When will enough be enough before we start enacting smart and logical gun control legislation in this country? This is a high profile case, but these kinds of shootings happen day in and day out in this country. Why can't we as a citizenry at least come together and demand that we figure out a way to keep guns away from those who shouldn't have them? And where were those "good guys with guns," as Wayne LaPierre so eloquently likes to say, in protecting this young lady who couldn't protect herself?