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Gay Marriage Bans Are Getting Struck Down, state by state by state

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    Kind of strange that only in the US they meddle in "personal" things; I've never been confronted with that in other countries.

    All these things are "personal" including "abortion" and use of "toilets". Sorry this has become an ridiculous" 'island" and the laughing stock of the world. I guess there are more important things than this to run an country. The religious idiots are meddling in government ,while the "law"explicit says there should be separation between "church" and State. But "churches" are the biggest "meddlers" also in "elections.

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    Yes Dutch - the call of the Cons "I I I I I" when you always put yourself first you usually end up actually coming in last. The Cons are about to find out big time but they are too dishonest to even admit it, much less realize it right now.