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Sterling interview with Anderson Cooper

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    Wow. How can one man be so stupid
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    Pitiful as a human being, lacking respect, void of conscious maturity, selfish character of thinking only about himself, and with no honor in even attempting to be honest. In hearing him speak publically, he castrates himself in front of all listening to him. He doesn't seem to have an ability to understand what dishonor he promotes. He is truly not a sane person. Maybe it is the money, the greed and the massive building of his fortune and empire that has corrupted what could have been a good man. Not all people rich and famous (or infamous) are inhumane. For example, Gates and Buffet are well known in public circles and they do not exhibit these character. Gates and Buffet are many times more successful than Sterling. So, it must not be about money and power, because many seem to handle it very well. Maybe it's a disease, parental upbringing, a virus, chemical poisoning or an environmental impact, something has molded this person into being undesirable.

    It's hard to feel sorry for him, because he carries himself with a "so what" attitude and unquestionably a flair for lying. I had to laugh at the comment he made about he has made only one mistake in many years, like this was his only mistake. Huh! Most would only wish they could make only one mistake in a day. This man should fade from the public, which would be his best course to hide from view.