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Merger between Pfizer and Astrazeneca

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    It's interesting how the media isn't pouncing on this story. You have an American company attempting to not only purchase another company in the United Kingdom but is doing so with dollars that went untaxed due to a loophole in our tax system. We're talking over $98 billion dollars. The new company will be domiciled in the United Kingdom on paper but operations will continue to be ran out of the United States. This will result in the company lowering its taxes as if having milked the U.S. Treasury out of $98 billion wasn't enough. To add insult to injury we see the officials in the United Kingdom pushing back because they are concerned about job loss. It's funny watching them try to get assurances from Pfizer when the United States business model isn't designed to look after employees. Pfizer has an established history of merging and tearing apart. Where are the politicians in the United States? What about the job loss here? What about the loss in future revenue?
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    Yes, most huge US corporations pay little to no taxes. That is truly screwed up. They're angelic because they are the job makers. Being in the pharma industry means they have one hell of a lobby in Washington as well.
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    I guess the deal will not take plac; the offer was too low. But you never know. Yes we live in a world economy, so corporations will look where they get the biggest tax breaks; I'm not surprised. The only thing what can be done is tax the end product, which is already done via sales tax; buildings, warehousing, personel and other levies. The corporate "holding" is the mogul which can do whatever it can achieve tax wise. Can't blame them.