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Years of Living Dangerously

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    I soooooo love YEARS OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY on Showtime.
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    Just saw your forum and it made me curious. So I looked up the show and it looks really compelling. Thanks for the tip.

    I decided to add a page to The Democratic Hub just for the show, with some solid articles and many videos as well that can be found here:

    Years of Living Dangerously - Main Page

    Also, here is a link to the first episode in full of Showtime's 'Years of Living Dangerously', the 9-part documentary series on climate change and the real world human impact of global warming, courtesy of Showtime. You can watch it on Democratic Hub's embedded Youtube video player. (Premium networks have gotten really cool and smart about advertising their shows; they have started to upload the full premieres for free to get people really interested). I'm about to watch the first episode myself. Recommend everyone here checking it out too. Looks really good.

    First full episode of 'Years of Living Dangerously':

    Years of Living Dangerously Premiere - Full Episode
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    I just saw the full episode of the years living dangerously Great documentary. Here lies the problem... as an average Joe... when a person (scientist) informs us that we are responsible for the extra CO2 levels that are causing global warming to occur....this is a reasonable assumption coming from scientists around the globe. This isn't some way-out theory or conspiracy originating from doped-out hippies.

    What struck me about the documentary was that there 70 churches in that small Texas town where Cargill closed the plant to which initially most of the towns people refuted global warming based on religion.. I laughed as they prayed for rain.

    If climate was taught in schools along with other sciences that have a direct impact on our lives things may have been different today. But that isn't an excuse. science conducts experiments and then release their findings...,THAT IS REASONABLE..... the same zealots will take that chemo or that antibiotic as long as it helps them immediately...then and only then is science not the devil.

    Unfortunately, you have the right to be stupid in this country
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    Sometimes, depending on where you live, the obligation!
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    No wonder why there's such an attack on our school system and teachers. They are law bound to grant you access to education but w.ill do anything in obstructing it. When I blow a head gasket I take my car to a mechanic because I have no clue how to re build an engine.

    Well, that climate scientist is the mechanic...,. I don't see any zealots questioning a mechanics knowledge, which happens to originate from science. People are to stupid to see that....or too scared to want to see it.

    Anything that questions the core belief of any person is questioning that person's whole life. must be scary.. In the end our core beliefs don't mean shit, someone forgot to tell the zealots that

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    I love YEARS OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY more than I can say. I want to sit down and cry and then applaud after every episode.

    My one wish is that after the series ends on Showtime that it runs again on PBS or one of the networks.

    In other words, I soooooo want others to see what I was privileged to see via Showtime.

    I love the earth. It just breaks my heart that we have a political party in the US that doesn't love the earth. The GOP cares more about Wall Street than the earth. The GOP cares more about racism, homophobia, misogyny than much else. The GOP makes itself very, very clear. Sad to see anyone wanting to join them in our great, modern USA!
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    Ah, this old lady who doesn't have a cell phone is so confused by all this.

    I love YEARS OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY more than I can say. I want to scream and then cry at the end of every episode.

    My greatest wish is that people other than those who can afford to subscribe to SHOWTIME get to see this wonderful documentary series.

    I so hope YEARS OF LIVING will be aired on a network channel or on PBS after SHOWTIME is done making $$$ from it.

    Love this series more than I can say. I so hope SHOWTIME does the right thing ---- release it.

    I'm with Bill Maher in thinking that nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing matters more than our attention to climate change.