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Texas judge reminds me not to go South

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    A judge in Texas sentenced a Rapist to 45 days in jail. Plus 5 years probation. She said (Yes the judge was a women with 2 daughters) "this isn't your typical rapist"...?..?..? Yes the kid was accepted to go to a college. SO WHAT !!!!!!!! That doesn't give you the right to Rape, Steal, Murder, or anything else. She also spoke down to the victim......"You're not the victim you make yourself out to be" is I believe what her comment was. If this country continues on it's current path, I may have to consider Canada, Europe, or a Caribbean Island. This is a bad story about our justice system.
    She gave the light sentence to not derail his promising future. She must not have spoken to the parents of the girl who was raped.
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    If he doesn't go to jail he can go to college, get a law degree and maybe become a judge himself! What a country we live in, lie, steal, rape and then got to college, get a degree and repent your youthful " indiscretions" and become a " leader"!