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A few bad things

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    I get so pissed when I hear our Politicians and wanna be politicians when they start whining about a war on women, and yet say nothing about the real the WAR on Women, whether it's about Sharia Law or outright rape being used as a weapon for genocide, and then this real crackpot announces to the world what exactly are his intentions regarding young girls and claiming them as mere chattel . Our own Sec of State shakes his head and says he wishes he could do more, Mr. Kerry, you are the Sec. of State of the most powerful country on earth with the most devastating military hardware at your disposal military, and there isn't one country that would stand against you or the United States if you decide to employ some of those weapons in an effort to free these young ladies and prevent something like this from occurring again, so stop with the wishful thinking and do something other than talking about it, and while your at it destroy this entire cell/cult of terrorists , so other cells will fully understand what war is about, and the price of terrorism has a high price to pay. And would someone tell these fanatic's that there is no fornication in Heaven so 72 virgins would be useless as a goal. I would feel that having 72 Virgins at my beck and call and not being able to avail myself of them would be sheer torture IMHO.
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    Good post. You made some very good points. I heard today on the news that the US has sent in additional people and Britain has sent in people to help as well.
    This should have been a big issue 10 seconds after it started. I think the delays revolve around corruption by local authorities and fear of the local citizens to stand up to this group of bad people. In the past, authorities have sent people to challenge them but they were all killed. This constitutes complete lawlessness. That's where I agree these people should be eliminated as an example of how normal decent human beings will not tolerate these crazy activities.

    Yes, too much time passed. The longer you wait the less chance you have of having tracks to follow. Once this became a known issue, Social media - Facebook ignited the fire. These thugs were most likely doing very bad things from the start. The more time that goes by the more likely that is true. If saved, they won't be the same innocent girls who were taken. Maybe they might get a second chance.
    Nigeria is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. When I was in Exports.... customers would discuss transactions with customers in Nigeria. When they suggested credit terms and we always said - NO.... you want to get money in advance. Anything else is going to cost you by lost payment.

    jamesn, Your 5/7 post was very accurate. It's a lesser importance based on gender and race. Also country of origin makes it less important. Very sad !
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    Tony the outrage is that there was no outrage in our media until this week.

    I heard about this kidnapping very soon after it happened, two or three days after the event at most. It happened on April 14th, and that is 26 days ago but nothing much in our media until last weekend.

    When I first heard it, then didn't see any more stories, I mostly forgot it. Like most people I tend to focus on what's in the news on a daily basis.

    My question: Why didn't Angelina Jolie say something when it happened? I saw her make a statement yesterday, and that's great, but where was she 26 days ago? Isn't she the special ambassador to the UN for human rights, or some glorified title like that?

    How about Michelle who seemed concerned two days ago...where was she for the 24 days before that?

    If little ole me saw the story on TV 24 or 25 days ago, they certainly should have been aware of it.

    Do they really get concerned only after it gets popular on social media? Is it about the girls, or about getting their own names out there?

    I should have started a thread on DemocraticHub back when it happened so I'm guilty, too. I'm guessing that more people follow Angelina and Michelle than read this little political forum, so why all their outrage three weeks late?

    Three weeks can be a huge difference in recovering some of these girls or not.
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    If there weren't so many primaries involved this month it makes me wonder how many of these so-called concerned citizens would have spoken out if there weren't any at all.
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    How many? Good question and we know that those concerned citizens will express their deep concern, and their outrage, and call for action by the international community and the USA, of course they will, but do the poor Nigerian girls mean as much to them as their OWN interests?

    For some of them, I wonder???

    Meanwhile, three weeks ticked off the clock while every minute counts. And THAT is the real outrage.
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    Well, amazingly many of the kidnapped girls were on television today (videotape). Surprise !!!!!!! they have converted to be Muslim. 90% were Christian before this happened. Kidnappers now say that they'll trade the girls for jailed militants. Nigeria says that won't happen. I'd make the trade with every bit of high tech surveillance and after it was all done, I'd send in troops to exact real justice. A hard - serious example needs to be set. Maybe Nigeria needs to enlist a few hundred more police officers and buy better weapons.
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    They showed only about of the half girls that were taken , what about the others, were they not yet " Converted", were they sold already?, now that the international community is showing disgust at their actions they now have changed their demands to one of releasing their comrades, I think because of the attention that was brought to bear by the world governments in general has made the girls less attractive for sale on the open market, whomever buys these girls would draw more unwanted attention their despicable trade. I would place all of those comrades in a coma ,place tracker devices under their skin ,so we could track them back to this den of savages and then eradicate them from the face of the earth, with whatever means necessary, and there is no need for bragging rights, just allow them to vanish and then sometime in the future announce the mission as successful.
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    jamesn Wrote: It is never too late to do the right thing, but why did it take 3 weeks for anyone to care?

    If the US is willing and able to assist Nigeria in trying get these girls back, then let's give the help, and that's a good thing. Recon, transport, and intel yes, drone missile strikes or American boots on the ground in direct confrontation...I don't know. I think we should remain in a support role. It won't be easy in one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

    I don't think there's any chance that they will all be recovered, and they've probably all been brutalized/beaten/raped...or worse.

    The UN won't punish member nations for their human rights violations, as evidenced by their past history. The UN is perhaps even more corrupt than our US Congress.
    I guess sofar no one on the site knows Nigeria; it has been a total disaster since the Brits left; most Britisch colony's, compared to the French in Africa were totally mis-managed; I got shot at and had to leave the country in a hurry. On the road from the airport to Lagos dead bodies littered the center median and lay there for days. Because of the oil the corruption and in-fighting is going on for many years. I guess the US has no clue what is happening there all the time since at least for the last 30 years.
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    There's a few square miles in my area that need to be drone attacked because the police sure seem to be invisible in these areas. Lets solve our problems first in the sex industry.....jenna Jameson made 30 million selling sex toys here.....