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Bill Maher on Climate Change

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    I soooo love Bill Maher. He stated on ALL IN with CHRIS HAYES that if the amount of time spent on news topics was related to the importance of the news topic that Climate Change would take up close to 100% of the news.

    I sooooo, sooooo agree with Bill Maher. Nothing matters more than climate change from now on.

    I don't have children or grandchildren. I don't understand how people today don't understand that the destruction of the earth and the oceans and the air will not destroy their children or grandchildren.

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    Yes, it's hard to understand the "anti-science" people that dismiss all the facts and in-depth peer reviewed studies by scientists around the globe and instead will grab onto any small talking point put out by the likes of Fox and Friends. When New York has a cold winter day, they'll smugly tell another Al Gore joke, totaling ignoring the fact that while New York is cold and snowy, Australia is experiencing one of the worst heat waves and drought since records were kept.

    But then look at their audience.

    The anti-science Climate Change deniers are like Monday morning quarterbacks imparting their wisdom on how they would have called the plays differently.