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No War!

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    So, if you don't mind, I like to share with you some of my observations and maybe a opinion of small business person, immigrant from ex- Russian satellite, post communist Czechoslovakia. I live in California from 1998.
    America is famous for their conquest for power, for the expansion of the private sector, small business, corporations, democracy around the world. Quality of the life in the U.S. and the success of America, with many unhappy people in the world, produce jealousy, distrust, fair and hate! We all know that. So, those who hate need help / Anger management! World need to hear at laud, USA does not hate Russia; the U.S. only likes to keep promises to their partners and their obligations to fulfill! And that time interest need to be secure and defend or offense need to come as need!
    My main observation it's :" Earth was founded and existing on multiple of 2 opposing similar giant variables" #1- HUMANS and ANIMALS; next for example - Water and Land or next Life or Dead; Light and Dark; Oxygen and Nitrogen, North and South, as East and West like Man and Woman, Child and Elderly, as the Plus and Minus, as Capitalisms and Socialism, as Black and White or Brown and Yellow, etc; ! We have, we are and we need all those in our lives. To make our kids life better and better. We everyday finding a way’s, how to synchronize! Not like animals - stronger kills weakest, but like a human! That’s why we are dominant, because we are Humans! That is it!
    After Democrats took power in Washington D.C. 2008, Opposition GOP Party leading by MEDIA REGIME MAXINES Fox Corp., Heritage, Limbaugh, etc.(SOMEBODY NEED TO START CALL THEM REGIME - NOT RUSH CALL DEMOCRATS REGIME); Brainwashing American Public with accusations, How Weak is America, How Poor its America, How Weak it’s President Obama and how bad are Democrats! FORGETTING that Fact under Who Was America Attack in 2001 and who party Cost Wall Street Crash in 2007! And nobody Help the President! BUT, WORLD KNOW, AMERICA WITH HER PRESIDENT ARE THE MOST POWERFUL NATION UNDER THE SON! HOW STUPID IS TO TALKING BAD ABOUT USA PRESIDENT?! HOW STUPID IT’S TAKE SHIT ON YOUR OWN PORCH AND DOES NOTHING!!! WHO IS DOING THAT? GOP REPUBLICNANS IN THE HOUSE!!! HE OR SHE CANNOT CALL HER SELF AMERICAN! VOTE INDEPENDENTS! VOTE DEMOCRATS OR INDEPENDENTS! NO –VOTE - NO GOP!
    But, What bothers me also a lot: Because of Faith for Who's Right and Who 's Wrong ,DIFERENCES on Social Political Ideology or on other side Capitalist Ideology , Religious Ideology differences GOD and ALAH ; So, again 2 different variables Political and Religious, FOR THOSE FIGHTS Millions of Innocent peoples in the world : Mothers , Sisters , Fathers , Sons , Babies , Kids and Grand Parents –CANNOT DIE AGAIN BY WEAPONS ! Who wants that?! WHO WANT’S WAR?! NOBODY! MAYBE ONLY SOME CRAZY DICTATORS AND SOME CRAZY GENERALS! NO WAR! NO WAR!
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    Mar -- Welcome to the Democratic Hub and for sharing your views. Having lived overseas during my working career I always am interested in how others see us, so your prespective of having lived in the old "Czechoslovakia" is valued.

    One thing that is fairly unique to our country is our First Amendment right to "free speech". So yes you will find a lot of criticism of our government, much of it untrue and hyped like that of Rush Limbaugh. And as many of us will highlight what outrageous things Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Alex Jones, and Fox News have said, we all also defend their right to say it.

    With "free speech" comes responsibility, and it is for the citizens of our country to be informed and call out Rush and others for false and demeaning statements. Rush is feeling the pains of that right now as the free market is reacting to his many hate statements, especially about women, and sponsors are dropping him. Rush may soon find himself speaking to a every small audience of old white men that are slowly dying off for old age.

    When it comes to the Fox News falsehoods and hate propaganda against our President, Media Matters is calling them out daily. Fox also has a niche audience which is quite large now, but I suspect their brand will also wear thin after a while. But right now they are making tons of money selling misinformation and sexism to an ignorant and bigoted audience...of mostly old white men.

    Here is an example of what Media Matters has posted on Facebook today about Fox News sexism:

    However, I am deviating from your main point. Your post is about "No War" and you'll find many on this website that largely agree with you on that included. Maybe not zero wars...but certainly war as only a last resort.
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    MarDegner; sure I'm against wars; however your writing alone does not help. the problem is quite simple: "money"!! The war industry and their lobby runs the show; as long as we vote in the "war mongers" than this lobby wins; not us. Human lives are not important for them ( you buy them off with some cheap medals) only the bankaccounts of a few people count; sorry that is the way it is.