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Representative Grimm Charged With Fraud and Perjury

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    Republican Representative Michael Grimm was arrested today and charged with fraud, perjury, and obstruction of justice after a years long investigation of his business practices at a health food store he owns. Grimm has been accused of concealing more than one million dollars in receipts and under reporting hundreds of thousands of dollars in employee wages. Grimm plead not guilty to the charges.

    Has anyone been following this case? Do you think the Republican leadership will force him out of Congress or will they let the whole fiasco play out?
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    I would imagine that he will stay in office as long as he can and that his party will back him up to a point. I would hate for him to resign and then be found non-guilty. I'm fine with him resigning when/if he is convicted. It's terrible when investigations destroy someone's life then they are found to be innocent.
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    I bet he was selling genetically modified nuts as organic also!
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    Grimm is currently doing the fashionable dance of denial. Of course, his lawyers are advising say nothing but the defense of, "I am innocent of all charges." Denial is the new offense to any charge of a crime. You know it is first words to the media once they come down on your crime. Just look at the past several years of VIP's both Hollywood and Politics, they all say in unison denying anything related to the charges. This forces the Prosecution to step up the game of legally pursuing criminal charges. Although, Christy's Bridge-gate is currently silent, he is back peddling to avoid prosecution. Grimm has 20 some charges each with having years in prison. He is going to fight for his life these charges and the first act is deny everything.

    Just like Clinton, "I had no sex with that woman". Classic denial and since he is a lawyer, he knew the power of denial and of course how sex is defined in legal terminology.

    Do you thing it works standing before the judge denying a speeding ticket?