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PLEASE read this from an OKLAHOMAN us what to do now

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    Enid, OK
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    OKLAHOMA budget crisis despite revenue pouring into the state treasury, the Legislature is wrestling with a self inflicted budget crisis that prompts cuts to EDUCATION,PUBLIC SAFETY AND HEALTHCARE. The problem is that the lawmakers over the last decade have created and expanded so many tax BREAKS and EARMARKED so much money for the SPECIAL PROJECTS that there's no longer enought for basic services.
    Nevertheless,REPUBLICAN GOV. MARY FALLIN, who is pushing to cut the TOP PERSONAL INCOME TAX rate for 5.25 % TO 5%, said a basic strategy of lower taxes and more incentives will pay off in the long run.
    Seven years ago ,the share was 55% to the state budget office, today, only 44% of revenue now goes into the General Revenue Fund, which supports most major state programs like SCHOOLS,PRISONS, AND AHILD WELFARE.
    Ms. Maddow, please look into this and spread it on your show like smallpox !! IT, our Gov. IS IN FACT killing OKLAHOMANS every day with her outlandish ideas and laws cooked up in secret !
    This was only part of a story in our newspaper BY Sean MURPHY /AP

    You and ED seem to be the only ones who hear 'we the people' and can help us call these persons out and CHANGE THINGS !!

    ERICK HOLDER canceled his trip to OKC after being told he would risk being arrested in our state this I KNOW you can check that out too and hope you do !!

    Oil companies have left our state with uranium in our soil and in our water......they only protect the people that have money and good health and a good name to go with it...............sad, but so sadly true. Will You and friends please help our state !!! They already put KEYSTONE PIPELINES through here.......left next to NO lasting jobs AT ALL ! LIE UPON LIE UPON LIE is all we are told ,fed, and forced to believe.

    And even in OKLAHOMA, IF we use SOLAR OR WINDPOWER IN OKLAHOMA...GOV. MARY FALLLIN signed the 'solar surcharge' bill into law on Monday,April 21st,2014, permitting utilities to charge an extra fee to any customer using rooftop solar or a small wind turbines. Our legislature has nothing better to do than find new ways to take our HARD EARNED WAGES and manipulate it so they can take it from us legally !!!!

    I know this is a RED STATE, but just as many GOP folks are begging for food and help and healthcare than just Democrats !!!!

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    When you say "our government" the last time I checked the state is completely controlled by the republican party. Thank your state government not the feds
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    MYbusiness Wrote:
    ERICK HOLDER canceled his trip to OKC after being told he would risk being arrested in our state this I KNOW you can check that out too and hope you do !!
    Checked on it. Holder had no worries about being being arrested. The calls for arrest had absolutely zero legitimacy behind them. It would just be a bunch of protesters with signs that say "Arrest Holder" or something. That stuff happens ALL the time.

    The most likely reason he canceled was from a combination of a tight schedule and the idea that of huge protest at a graduation ceremony for police officers is pretty sickening when the officers had nothing to do with the cause of the protest. If the event was all about Holder, then great, protest your little hearts out but protesting a local officer graduation ceremony to voice your opinion about the attorney general is along the same lines as picketing funerals to protest homosexuality. The two are just too far removed to make any logical sense.
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    Mybusiness --

    Many of us in his website agree with you. I cringe when I read the latest things the Oklahoma legislature is doing, some of it out of pure spite, but Governor Fallon seems to be a culpable player in the game as well. I have spent time in Oklahoma in the past, and have many good friends from that state. I know that Oklahomans were proud to have an oil well on the grounds of the state capitol. It was symbolic of their state...they kept it clean and on display for all to see. I took photos of it and showed it off.

    Your letter seems to be personally directed to Rachel Maddow. I don't know if Ms Maddow or her staff reads this website, but I would suggest sending your concerns directly to her in an e-mail address:

    I have sent her comments in the past, but have never received a formal response. However, she has commented on the politics of Oklahoma in the past, and in your case she might respond to you. I'm sure she or her staff reads all e-mails like yours that have something substantive to say.
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    Flagstaff, AZ
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    Unfortunately, your city got some unfavorable publicity about the time our goofy legislators in Arizona passed SB1062.

    I would hope by now that Gary's Chicaros would be out of business, but I suspect that's not the case.

    For what it's worth, we all had dinner at Rocco's Little Chicago Pizza the last time we went to Tucson. The owner became internationally famous when he posted this sign in the window of his restaurant. From what I've heard, his business has increased a lot since posting the sign: