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What Does Alex Jones Stand For?

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    Here is the strangest thing about the Cliven Bundy supporters. Most are fringe conspiracy theorists that buy into everything that Alex Jones comes up with. Most are also hard right wing conservatives with some pretty extreme ideas about who our federal government represents and they are pretty sure it isn’t them. But to me, Alex Jones is the biggest mystery and why they support him and why he seems to support them has me quite befuddled. A few things I know about Alex Jones is that he is a staunch friend and supporter of Jesse Ventura. Jesse is a definite liberal and is every bit a conspiracy theorist as is Alex. Alex was down on Obama pretty bad when he tried to pass a carbon tax and in that sense Alex supported conservatives. Another thing I know about Alex Jones is that he mostly came to prominence just after 9/11. He published a documentary blaming the bombing of the twin towers and the Pentagon on the current Administration at that time or in other words, Bush and the Republicans. Also, I know that Alex Jones is a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment. But the Second Amendment does not belong to Republicans alone. There are plenty of Democratic supporters of the Second Amendment although I believe his support of the Second Amendment might be the primary reason he lent his support to Cliven Bundy. As far as the move by Republicans to attempt to adopt Alex Jones and all of his extreme conspiracy theorist friends is to me an unscrupulous tactic by Republicans to garner the support of a group who appears to hate big government and liberals. But they are the party of the Patriot Act, Homeland Security, and the NSA even though they would like to disclaim that they are the party of big government. Lately they have their noses stuck into every aspect of our lives. These are some of the very things that these people (Bundy supporters) hate. Right wing radio tries to convince these people that what they are doing is patriotic and they are the last remaining supporters of the constitution and the American way of life which the pundits try to make seem like is under attack by liberals. For a long time I felt Alex Jones was against Republicans but the more I hear from him the more I am convinced that he is simply against big government and it really does not matter which party is in power. I think he is suspicious of both parties so I think the attempts by Republicans to woe him over are doomed to failure but I am not so sure about all the home grown state militia people that tend to follow him and listen to and believe in his theories. Either way, Alex Jones needs to come clear and tell the American people just exactly who he stands with and who he trusts and who he does not.
    We know Alex Jones has attempted to inform the public of an impending ‘One World Government’, the secret meetings of the Bilderberg Group (consisting of the ultra-rich and powerful), and FEMA concentration camps among many other conspiracy theories. He believes that Obama and other previous presidents have been hand-picked and groomed for the job. Given the current political climate and the revelations presented in the John Lanchester book, ‘Capital’, there is little doubt that the democratic government we have always known is certainly at an end and has been swapped out for an oligarchy. So in this sense, it appears that much of what Alex Jones has forecast has truly come to pass or will come to pass in the not too distant future. It may be that the current government defense of our Second Amendment rights is not designed for our protection but rather for our self-annihilation. We are no match for armed troops with the latest technology in weaponry that is possessed not only by the US military and National Guard, but now also most of our local police forces. Should we feel compelled to take on our own government, they cannot call it an abject slaughter if we are an armed nation even though our arms are inferior by any measure. The Cliven Bundy debacle was not meant to be the catalyst that leads up to that eventual break between our nation and its citizens although it does mark the beginnings of such a possibility.
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    ralph your title asks ..."What does Alex Jones stand for?"... I don't know enough about him to know everything he stands for, but I am guessing that Alex Jones' number one priority is to do what is good for Alex Jones, and Alex Jones' bank account.

    He probably makes a good living preaching his anti government conspiracies. This ..."Cliven Bundy debacle"... as you accurately describe it, was great for Alex Jones and he will be talking about it for years. The federal government couldn't have done much of anything better to help Jones and the rest of the anti-government/conspiracy crowd.

    I looked at the A Jones website and read some of the story about the Nevada standoff and how MSNBC's Chris Hayes tries to tie them to the GOP. We have to consider the source: it is the job of the talking heads at MSNBC to tie the standoff to the GOP, just like it is the job of the talking heads at FOX to defend Bundy and show that the standoff is all the governments fault.

    I don't know if Jones prefers the Gop or the Democratic party, or has any political affiliation at all, I think he is just anti government, and it really doesn't matter is there's a Democrat or a Republican in the White House; whatever conspiracy he can feed to his fans and make the most money on, that's what he will talk about.
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    Alex Jones is just trying to eat like everyone else....conspiracy is his niche
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    Although Alex Jones has not gotten a lot of attention from all of us recently, most of us would agree that the guy is beyond crazy.

    He is currently embroiled in a lawsuit with the Sandy Hook parents, and it's not going to end well for him. Not surprisingly, he has connections to both Roger Stone and Donald Trump.

    In December of 2015, in an interview arranged by Roger Stone, Trump appeared by Skype on Jones' show, exchanging expressions of mutual admiration. "Your reputation is amazing", Trump told Jones. "I will not let you down.

    If you haven't seen it yet, I would urge you to watch his "fish people" broadcast.

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    Besides Paul Gosar, there were a number of other truly crazy people at the Maricopa County Elections Department yesterday.

    One of them was Alex Jones.

    It turns out, however, that the only mob taking to the streets these days, harassing government workers and disrupting the electoral process are … Trump supporters.

    This would include the conspiracy kook and Infowars broadcaster Alex Jones, who came to Phoenix and told a right-wing Trump crowd outside the Maricopa County Elections Department Thursday night things like: “You have awaken the sleeping giant... Burn in hell Joe Biden... Burn in hell Bill Gates... Burn in hell Fauci... America is awake and we are never backing down.”

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    And you say this country is "normal"? No it is not! Adelson the billionaire pumped in more than 300 million (plus plenty more millions to the GOP) to support Trump; as well some other billionaires did the same. That is the reason that the GOP got so many votes.

    All of this shows how corrupt this country has become; the weirdo's got just about their way, it shows in the "red" States that they all live in la la land and think the "rich" will give them an hand out.

    Biden will likely be also an one term President, thanks to this total unstructured lawless country where the weirdo's roam; he won't last because the pressure of the GOP Trumpers will be enormous and drive him nuts,

    I guess Biden will get the shock of his life once he finds out in which total "shit" heap he has landed.