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Rubin "Hurricane" Carter dead at 76

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    The boxer that Bob Dylan wrote a song about and Denzel Washington played in a movie (both called "Hurricane") died on 4/20/2014 from prostate cancer. Rubin "Hurricane" Carter was wrongfully imprisoned for 19 years (1966-1985) over 3 murder charges. His wrongful imprisonment and failed retrials stood as a shining example of the blatant racism in the judicial system at the time. He was released in 1985 when they found out (and finally admitted) that the original court conviction process was concealing more than it was damning, as far as evidence was concerned. Almost 30 years after his release, Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, a free man for the last third of his life, dies from cancer.

    How do you think Rubin felt over those 28 years, after being freed? Do you think he was ever able to "let it go"? Would you be able to? I wonder if he considers the fact to be bittersweet that most anyone that knows his name knows it not because of his boxing prowess, but because of a Bob Dylan song or a Denzel Washington acting portrayal? His name swims in the circles of conversation about racial injustice and how screwed up the justice system can be, as opposed to discussing the boxing greats in the 1960's-1970's, which, like the song says, "he could have been the champion of the world", if his career wasn't cut short by jail time.

    RIP Rubin "Hurricane" Carter.