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19 Year Anniversary of OKC bombing

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    Mark Potok, Southern Poverty Law Center, April 19, 2014: Editorial: Bombing Anniversary a Reminder of the Radical Right’s Rage

    Today marks the 19th anniversary of the OKC bombing, and to mark that occasion, Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center has published an editorial that is worth reading. I'll extract just the first few lines:

    "Nineteen years ago today, evil came to Oklahoma City. Timothy McVeigh, fueled by hatred of the government he saw as an oppressive tyrant, set off a massive truck bomb at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, tearing away the lives of 168 Americans, including 19 small children in a day-care center.

    "He was one of ours. Although many rushed to declare that the bombing bore all the hallmarks of an attack by foreign Muslim jihadists, they were quickly shown to be completely wrong. McVeigh was a U.S.-born white man, what the Ku Klux Klan of old liked to call a “100 percent American.”"

    Read the rest of Potok's article at the above link. Mark Potok has often been a guest on various cable news shows, perhaps mostly MSNBC, but maybe a few others.

    As Potok points out, the last five years with President Obama at the helm, have seen an enormous expansion of radical right hate groups, "largely driven by the demographic “browning” of the population and predictions of the loss of a white majority in the next 30 years. Anger at the dramatic changes occurring in our society is real, and it is steeped in blood."

    We of course witnessed that anger as neo-Nazi named Frazier Glenn Cross allegedly shot to death three innocent people and than shouted Hail Hitler from the back seat of the police car. And now in Nevada we see angry right wing militias that don't recognize the authority of the United States of America confronting federal agents ready to make their women and children martyrs in a stand-off confrontation about grazing fees.

    Who is fueling that anger? Certainly Alex Jones and his conspiracy website, but also Glenn Beck, another crazy outlier, and Rush Limbaugh. But now Sean Hannity and Fox News have taken up the cause and are fueling the hate against our government.

    It is hate talk by these broadcasters and their ilk that is driving hate in America. And they are profiting big time from selling hate to the ignorant and the prejudiced.
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    Schmidt you are correct ..."they are profiting big time from selling hate to the ignorant and the prejudiced"... I can't argue with a word of that. Probably LOTS of profit.

    The other industry that is connected to the hate business is the conspiracy business, just look at Alex Jones, he dishes out plenty of both.

    If you were to ask Alex Jones or any of the other government haters what is the best thing that the government could do for them they would show a video of the Nevada rancher showdown as a classic example. The only thing better for the haters would have been if the government agents had actually started shooting and killing the "patriots".

    Yes, the government did a great service to aid the Tea Party, Republicans, anti-government militia groups, anti-government conspiracy people everywhere by their disastrous Nevada showdown of last week. Whoever was in charge of THAT fiasco should be fired.

    Then Harry Reid has to make it even worse, if that were possible, by calling the supporters of the rancher "domestic terrorists". As far as I know, the rancher was the only one breaking the law, and the rest of them were just showing up in support of him and exercising their first amendment rights.

    Harry Reid should step down or at least learn not to say so many dumb things. He would be doing the Democrats and America a favor.