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The Sexism in 'Mad Men'

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    A lot of talk circles around AMC's TV show 'Mad Men', as the setting and main backdrop of the show is their portrayal of 1960's art, culture and decor. And any time you do a period piece, questions arise over its authenticity, or lack thereof. In particular with this forum, I'm talking and wondering about men's treatment toward women in the workplace (and in general) during the 60's. I was born in the late 80's, so I just really don't know if the show is accurate or not.

    Anyone here ever watch the show that can compare your personal experiences of life in the 60's to the way Don Draper and company lived and worked on 'Mad Men'? Even if you haven't watched the show, or didn't work in advertising or corporate America in the 1960's, what are your feelings toward how the show treats and depicts women's roles in the workplace during that time? How does it compare to today's world?

    The 7th and final season of 'Mad Men' just started. With 12 or 13 episodes to go, the show has a real shot of going down as one of the best shows to ever air (in my opinion), if they wrap things up as nicely as the series has played out thus far. This has me wondering of its authenticity on many levels. I feel they very accurately depict the art and decor and cultural changes that were so unique and impactful during that time. I just wonder, did they get the treatment of women right? Was it really that sexist? I know the idea of a drama is to dramatize. But, I feel its rooted in truth. Agree?