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Boston Marathon: One Year After the Bombing

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    April 15th marks the one year anniversary of the bombing that rocked the Boston Marathon and brought about one of the biggest manhunts this country has seen in a very long time. Tamerlan Tsarnaev and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, two permanent residents from the former U.S.S.R., have been accused of the bombings. Tamerlan later died in a police shootout while Dzhokhar is still awaiting trial.

    The manhunt and subsequent capture of Dzhokhar elicited a strong reaction from various groups of people. Some people were glad that the suspects were caught quickly while others looked at the ever increasing role of a militarized police with a big sense of trepidation. I admit that I'm one that falls in the middle of these two categories. I am glad that the suspects were caught, but also watched with alarm as armored vehicles and police dressed up like military personnel shut down an entire city for days.

    This years marathon is already being billed as one of the tightest security operations the city has ever seen with 3,500 police officers and an untold number of undercover officers to be stationed along the 26.2 mile route. Patrons are being asked to carry their belongings in clear plastic bags and have been informed that anyone who has a bulky bag will be subject to a search. While it is understandable that Boston desperately wants to avoid a repeat of last year, I worry if we as a citizenry are becoming more and more willing to completely ignore our 4th Amendment rights in the name of combating terrorism. It is impossible to stop every single lone wolf who is intent on carrying out their act of terrorism. We as a citizenry will eventually have to come to terms with this fact.

    My hope is that this years marathon goes off without a hitch. I hope all runners and spectators alike have a wonderful time and show any person who wishes America ill will that we can overcome a lunatic that has a vendetta against our Government and decides to take it out on innocent civilians. I wish all the runners well and may the fastest man and woman win.
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    Most regards to Team Hoyt, what a cool story.