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Howard Dean Bailey.........this just might be an injustice

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    Today on Politico was a report on Mr. Howard Dean Bailey, who immigrated to America with his parents at the age of 17. He had done well in school, and worked to achieve his success. As I understand he did have a run in with the law that later was dismissed because it found he was innocent of all charges. However, because of this poor event in his life, it may be the reason for being deported back to Jamaica. As I read more on Mr. Bailey, he served in the US NAVY and was honorably discharged with decorated war involvement in the Gulf and Iraq conflicts. Mr. Bailey started a family and had children and was building a business in Virginia. Sounds like the American dream, but it fell apart from Immigration knocking on his door with guns who arrested him, bound him and placed in holding like a POW. He became victimized by a renegade immigration unit overzealous on mistreating a person who gave his all for America. I thought that Obama had signed into law a immigration ruling that serving in the US Armed Forces allowed you to automatically become a US Citizen. I guess there must be something more.

    I intend to follow this drama unfolding on Mr. Howard Dean Bailey, because it sure appears to stink of some political faction that is out-of-control. These people making decisions on peoples lives and if found negligent to criminal should be ran out of public service. Although, I could be wrong on several counts and that Mr. Bailey has done something more serious, but the recent public awareness bulletins show that is not the case. It does show that Mr. Bailey should be returned to America and awarded full benefits and rights as an American citizen, especially serving in one of our most unpopular wars. Without question, Mr. Bailey served honorably and holds to be dignified as an American citizen. I am shocked of what the Obama Administration has allowed to happen while immigration laws are being transformed to better treating those who have a desire to be American. Mr. Bailey is now separated from his wife and kids who remain in the US.

    I hope the media circles (CNN, MSNBC and national news outlets) pick this up. If you desire to read on Howard Dean Bailey, just place his name in the search bar and find his links, as Politico has it today on their reporting.

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    I was honorably discharged...... I shouldn't have gone to prison when using your "reasoning" Resident Aliens are not US citizens.....It's gods will