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Secretary Sebelius to Resign From HHS

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    Kathleen Sebelius, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, has announced that she will be resigning from her position. President Obama is set to announce that he has accepted her resignation and will be nominating Sylvia Burwell, the current director of the Office of Management and Budget, as her replacement. The embattled Secretary notified the President of her intentions over a month ago, but President Obama requested that she hold off her announcement until the health care insurance numbers were announced last week.

    Ms. Sebelius has had a roller coaster of a year and must be happy that she's going out on a good note after the disastrous roll out of the Affordable Care Act back in October. A big part of the reason she stuck around so long is because the polarized Senate would have made it nearly impossible for a replacement to be confirmed months ago. I can only imagine that she felt it was time to go after a big part of the Republican's talking points are now moot after the Administration exceeded its original enrollment goal.

    What does everyone think about Ms. Sebelius' resignation? Should she have fallen on her sword a long time ago or is better that she is leaving the Administration on a positive note?
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    A grand and gracious lady trying to perform a public service in an administration that is beaten back, trash talked, politically obstructed by racial, lying and greedy republicans and tea partiers. Ms. Sebelius will have her day when a President will stand up years from now and say, "She did America, a great service in a very treacherous environment". I realize she was Obama's second choice, but she accepted the challenge and held her head high even before some very angry cross examinations. Could she have done a better job? That question can only be answered by asking a republican, "what would you have done better". Hind sight is always 20-20 and the last comment always wins. ACA was rolled out politically as a risk, but had to be done so that three years could pass allowing the Health Act to work for many people. Those many people are beginning to voice their approvals and are benefiting from a good program. The Health Care Act will be improved each year until we can achieve Universal Health care for all Americans. There's a lot of work to do before Universal Health Care happens, but now that the ACA has started, we have established a baseline for Americans to see how health care can work. I'm hoping for Universal Health Care sometime around 2018-2020, maybe sooner if Congress can ever work together.

    Of curse the republicans and tea partiers will continue their obstructionism and advocate rollback of what has been achieved in health care. Americans are now realizing how un-American republicans and tea partiers are by obstructing livelihood of our country. I'm not ready to say 2014 will be a disaster for any party, but Democrats will win big, if America gets out and votes. Democrats are bad on getting out to vote. I hope that changes in 2014 and in 2016. Republicans, tea party and big business needs to hear America's roar and disapproval of their political character.

    I think Ms. Sebelius is through with politics and with what she has went through, she needs a good long vacation. Will she come back to politics, that's a good question, but I doubt it.
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    I agree with all of your points, and wish Ms. Sebellius well.

    One story that needs to be better known is that of a 32 year old Florida woman named Charlene Dill, who died because Rick Scott refused Medicaid expansion in Florida:
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    I actually think that Ms. Sebelius was a great Secretary that has had to accept a lot of blame for things that were far outside of her control. That comes with the job description and she was a loyal warrior until the end. We don't often remember Secretaries of a specific Administration after they leave office. The only former Secretary I can think of that still has any name recognition at all is Henry Kissinger. Her legacy will be that she played an instrumental role in passing the first major health care reform since Medicare and Medicaid came about. To quote the eloquent words of Vice President Biden--That's a big f-ing deal.
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    I watched her farewell speech on the White House grounds. It was well prepared and gracious. As she got to her last page, she made the comment..."oh, I have a page missing." Then she continued on ad libing her final thoughts without missing a beat. In fact this part of her speech was the best as she looked into the audience and spoke from the heart.

    I was surprised to read the headlines the next day that she flubbed her speech. There were several nasty comments that followed the article. I don't expect that any of these people actually listened to her speech.

    I hope she continues in public service. She is an American asset.