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Stephen Colbert to Take Over 'Late Show'

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    CBS just officially announced that Stephen Colbert will be taking over the reigns of the "Tonight Show" after David Letterman steps down in 2015. While Letterman has yet to announce his official end date, CBS wasted no time in making sure they got a top notch replacement to take over for the icon.

    Colbert is one of my favorite comedians out there. Anyone who has seen him out of character knows he is incredibly insightful, quick witted, and intelligent. He is able to interview just about anyone and I have a feeling he will be a great fit for CBS.

    What does everyone think of Colbert taking over for Letterman? Was it a great move by the company or a risky one because he has never hosted a show out of character before?
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    Not a bad move at all, given the fact that both Fallon and Myers are of a different mode of comedy and Colbert will fill out the bill, all of these men appeals to the right demographic of the times, Lettermen and Leno are of a different era and the networks have to seal the deal early for replacement hosts.
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    Going to miss The Colbert Report. I wonder if Comedy Central will straight up cancel the show, or look for a correspondent type to replace him, with some kind of re-brand. I think Colbert is an excellent choice; it will have me tuning in to late night, which is something I rarely ever do on purpose.