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Proposed republican health care program--after they repeal Obamacare

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    This article in the New Journal of Medicine outlines a proposed repub health care plan. If I am reading it correctly, it costs more, covers less and has no required enrollment--they use 'auto-enrollment' instead.

    The repub party has been fighting health care reform since Medicare. They promised reform after the Clinton proposals failed, Mitt promised health care reform which he would tell us about (after we elected him). I have to wonder if this is a real proposal or just another lie.
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    Thanks for providing this article. The NEJM is a great resource to get detailed and objective articles about the state of our healthcare system.

    You are correct in all of your assumptions. The Republicans want to keep all of the popular parts of Obamacare, but get rid of the parts they don't like. This is understandable, but the Republicans have a major problem here. How in the world can you force insurance companies to no longer factor in preexisting conditions and at the same time get rid of an individual mandate that forces the young and healthy to buy into the system? What happens when these insurance companies come to the Government and say "you made us accept all these sick people, but no healthy people signed up. We want the Government to pay for our massive losses." I have brought this up with multiple Republicans. Not one has had even remotely close to a coherent answer regarding this conundrum.

    Another thing that really riles me up is the whole idea of turning Medicaid into a block grant system. Block grants are a joke that would inevitably lead to the total demise of Medicaid. I'm sure many Republicans would love nothing more than that, but fortunately the left won't let them get away with it.