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David Letterman Announces Retirement, Will Leave "Late Show" in 2015

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    David Letterman, the longtime host of "The Late Show," announced that he will be retiring sometime in 2015. Letterman will be passing over the reigns of the show after more than three decades behind the Late Show desk. His retirement will cement the passing of the torch from the old late night shows to the new age after Jay Leno's recent retirement.

    I have never been an avid viewer of any of the late night shows, but I have always had a big dose of respect for Letterman. He didn't change who he was even though the times were drastically changing around. He seemed to be content in his role and always had a very loyal viewership throughout the decades.

    What does everyone think of today's announcement? Who do you think is in line to replace him? Will they move up Craig Ferguson or try to find someone else to take over his slot?
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    Craig's show may prove to be a bit too risqué for the late show audience.
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    It's Leno coming back who wants to show the ratings that he can steal from Jimmy Fallon. What a hoot!
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    I'd love to see Leno come back, and I think he'd do great again.

    I heard speculation this morning that Jon Stewart was a possible replacement. I don't know if he'd even want to do it, but maybe if the money were lots better...and I'm guessing it would be. Money has a way of making things happen.

    Anyone hear that or think it's a good idea?
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    I never watch late night TV - if it's on past 10PM I'm long gone. Having said that, I never miss Colbert reruns the next afternoon and always Dl Bill Maher on Saturday AM! As much as I try to get thru Stuart after Colbert I always end up putting loudmouth Chris Mathiews on because Stuart is just to foul and loud. I don't think he's ready for prime time now or ever. On the other hand when John Oliver was filling in for Stuart I never missed a show.- go figure? I think Oliver and Colbert both have a lot more talent than Stuart, for better or worse!