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Another shooting at Fort Hood 4/2

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    Amc when you say ..."In time we'll know"... and ..."The why's, and hows will eventually come later"... I doubt it.

    I don't think we will find out for certain the hows and the whys. Even if the shooter were still alive, we may not have been able to find all the answers.

    Like Zach said, lots of people take Ambien every day and do not go out and kill others then themselves. This guy may have committed murder and suicide even if he never took ANY medications.

    We may end up with probabilities, and theories, and guesses as to why he did what he did, but not certainties. He was reportedly mad because he wasn't granted enough leave, and maybe that was part of it. Lot's of people aren't happy with their leave/vacation schedules.

    This was probably because of a combination of things, but we'll never know for sure.
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    Zach F Wrote: 3pm in the afternoon on a military base. I seriously doubt he was sleeping
    You must have been sleeping if you joined the Army!! You can sleep all day there because your brains do not have to think; they (the Army) will think for you!!!
    Also I find it kind of silly to spent so much news on it; if they were killed in Afghanistan, may be one day news; when you join then you should have known that you joined a killing machine, so the odds are against you.