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Piers Morgan Says Goodbye (with one last plea for more gun control)

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    Piers Morgan took over for Larry King on CNN back in early 2011. He was supposed to fill the "variety hour" spot for CNN, interviewing celebrities and political figures/thinkers, talking politics and social issues. Well, after 3 years, CNN has finally decided to cut ties with Piers. It's about time. His show has been pretty brutal to watch as of late; a grown man crying on camera (about himself being "attacked" by the trans community) was the final straw of his dignity, for me.

    The final episode of Piers Morgan Live aired 3/28/14. He used his last few minutes of air time to talk once more on his most controversial stances, more gun control. There are videos on Youtube of him fighting with Alex Jones or Ted Nugent about guns that are quite entertaining. I would recommend googling them, if interested.

    Figured I'd embed this video of his final 3 minutes of the show, signing off. For a man that can seem sensible enough and express candor in spades in this clip, its annoying that he couldn't go his 3 year stint in that same mode. Piers Morgan will probably go back to tabloid writing and competition shows in Britain. Unfortunately for him and CNN, that's where he truly belongs.

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    Good bye Pierce.......thx for boring me half to death.