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CNN: program tonite on OIL SPILL in Valdez, Alaska 1989 (+ poem)

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    Tonight CNN has a special program on the giant Oil Spill in Valdez Alaska in 1989. It should be a good program for anyone interested in saving our Environment from the increasing problem of OIL SPILLS. In fact, in the last day or 2, we've had another OIL SPILL in Texas, which looks like a giant disaster, in Galveston Bay. They certainly have not learned how to cure all of this YET.

    Here, I give my take on the 1989 Oil Spill in Alaska -- in this little POEM:


    The Great Spirit moved over the face of the water
    And saw His blue reflection in ice
    And all His creation -- the fish and the otter
    Were adapted uniquely for this paradise.

    The snow-melted waters renew the blue sea,
    And man dwells with creatures in full harmony,
    With food in abundance for body and soul,
    Vast beauty and forest-land near the North Pole.

    Then out of a rainbow, outshining the cold,
    Came a voice full of warning, - a vision foretold:
    "Here, child of the Arctic, is all you could need,
    But beware of the Devil, he will tempt you with greed".

    Both memories and rainbows fade quickly, it seems,
    Soon voices from Heaven were just ancient dreams.

    From the depths of the earth there emerged a black fist,
    And it bubbled crude oil, and a serpent voice hissed:
    "Join me, and with cunning,---Join me, and with stealth,
    We'll steal this great land, and exploit its great wealth."

    Soon serpents of pipeline were snaked in long rows,
    And blackness of oil had coated the snows,
    The oilers were happy, their coffers were filled,
    Till the Day of Judgment, when the tankers were spilled.

    The Great Spirit looked down on the cold Valdez reef,
    And the turmoil below had to fill him with grief.

    No reflection was seen in the black ugly waves
    That oozed on the shoreline, - that held open graves
    For thousands of otters and fish that were dying,
    And birds soaked with oil were drowning, - not flying

    And the eagle and bear were already at risk,
    For all would be poisoned who eat of the fish.

    And man who had lived in a Garden of ice
    With all needs provided in true paradise
    Now realized numbly, with fear turned to hate,
    That he'd willingly sacrificed his pristine state.

    For the greedy corruption had sealed their fate,
    By failing to act --- much too little, too late.

    With all the resources that mankind could give,
    They could not guarantee that one species would live,
    And all of their efforts and toil were in vain,
    Because only God can renew life again.

    Some people kneeled on the oozing clay
    And searched the sky for God that day,
    And dying seabirds heard them pray,
    “Please, God, don't turn your eyes away.”

    But the Serpent laughed from the blackened shore
    "Come with me," he hissed, ”Let's drill some more..."

    ---------------------- by Eternal Flame