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Washington Landslide Death Toll Continues to Rise

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    A massive landslide that struck near Seattle, WA on Saturday has claimed 8 lives with 100 people still missing. The mudslide smashed down on State Route 530 in Snohomish County Washington. The disaster zone stretches for one square mile is as deep as 15 feet in some places. While the number of missing will likely decline, rescuers are worried that they will not find any survivors that were buried under the landslide.

    Officials say that there was no warning that could have been given and that the landslide "came out of nowhere with no advanced warning."

    Another thing hampering the rescue efforts has been the weather. The rain that caused the landslide in the first place has been making the rescue effort difficult, to say the least.

    Has anyone been following this tragedy? Why do you think there isn't a landslide warning system similar to the other early warning systems that we have? Or do you think that it's too difficult to set up a system for something that can strike so quickly and with very little warning?