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Pink Panther gang - Best Diamond thieves

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    There was a fascinating story on 60 Minutes this evening. Unfortunately, a video was not yet on youtube.
    (according to 60 minutes 3/23/14)
    Apparently theirs a gang who have become experts in stealing diamonds and other high value jewels and
    watches. Diamonds are often sold in Antwerp. They come from Yugoslavia (Serbian special forces)(Montenegro & Serbia)
    and were trained during their war. They've stolen 500 million
    in 35 countries. They case out a location and attack and escape with precision. Sometimes leaving in under 30 seconds.
    Escaping on motorcycles when roads are too narrow for cars. Escaping in speed boats when roads are congested with holiday
    tourists (Southern France). Often getting out of the country within hours of the heist. Interpol very much wants to catch them. The group has as
    many as 800 members. When one is caught, they do not talk. They've stolen very valuable art as well - masterpieces.
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    Although illegal... That's smart, and the way to do it. Take every single possibility into consideration, all the could be variables, everything. And execute plan. Seems they have it figured out.

    "The thieves reverse-rammed the car so the airbag wouldn't open on impact and so that the car was in the perfect position to drive away. They planned the timing of the heist (9pm) at the end of the rush hour, knowing that when they fled down the highway the lanes in the opposite direction – from where the police would come – would be jammed. They drove to a deserted, unlit patch of land between two mansions – just minutes away from the royal palace – and set fire to the two cars. In a now completely unknown third car, they drove calmly into the night with their multimillion-dollar booty."

    Our movies and tv shows make it seem like you have to be James Bond to pull off a heist, small or big. It takes planning and taking into consideration 100% EVER single variable available to you, and 100% execution. Not 99%