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A Conservative view of democracy and education

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    Democracy is about a few intelligent people trying to survive.. the morass of ignorance that surrounds them.

    Let's face it. Most voters have the intelligence of geological formations.

    The purpose of any democratic election is to arouse them to think (I use the term with the looseness of diarrhoea) that you can offer them something, anything that will give their meaningless lives more happiness than they could possibly deserve to have.

    This is easy, since they are as well-conditioned to respond to sound-bites as a monkey is to coloured jellybeans.

    If you manage your campaign well enough, none of them will have a clue what your policies are until they come crashing down on them.

    But this matters not. They are also conditioned to accepting - by flag waving and other such devices - that their fate is serving a "greater good".

    From which they don't have the intelligence to understand they are thoughtfully excluded.

    You may be none the wiser but at least you are now better informed.

    All in the golden afternoon
    Full leisurely we glide
    For both our oars, with little skill
    By little arms are plied
    While little hands make vain pretence
    Our wanderings to guide.
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    The words that you offer are very well spoken
    When speaking of democracy, so utterly broken
    To which we can ill afford even one small token
    Cuz the USA's been looted, & we ain't even jokin'

    Who could have done this, such a dastardly deed?
    What devilish creature could be filled with such greed?
    From what hell was he spawned, that allowed him to breed?
    What scripture had taught him, from what nation his creed?

    By the latest report, he came not over the sea
    He was born in this land, close to you & to me
    He went to some Party where they drank too much Tea
    And his forehead had tattoo's that said G.O.P.

    Well, I guess that can help us, as we narrow it down
    We're looking for some right-winger gun-toting clown
    Most likely lives in the country, they don't let him in town
    If you led him to water, he would most likely drown.

    He spends his whole life in pursuit of fast money
    Whether gamblin' or moonshine, or sourwood honey
    But the stock market's gains so much higher, it's funny
    While his Cayman Isle bank accts keep it all sunny

    Once a year he gets out all his torches and axes
    To express his wild hatred for paying his taxes
    He screams & yells, burns up books, & sends faxes
    "Uncle Sam is the axis of Evil, or some other axis"

    "Why should Americans have to PAY to be free?
    I want all of my money to belong to just ME
    I don't need that dumb Freedom or weird Liberty
    Who cares about Rights, or Votes, I just need TEA"

    ----Thus spaketh those who have bankrupted Thee.