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The Real World Ex-Plosion

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    MTV was up against a wall when looking at the ratings for their once hit reality TV show 'The Real World'. The fact of the matter is that every season over the last decade has seen a considerable drop in viewership. They had a decision to make, cancel the show or add a twist (at least that's the decision MTV's CEO Stephen Friedman felt he was faced with). Who could blame him? With the success of similar reality shows like 'The Jersey Shore', the game for reality TV has changed; the more fighting, intense drama and loud characters you can cram into one show, the more viewers will tune in. Amp up the drama, or fall into ratings oblivion. Sad reality of the times, but very true.

    So, they decided to flip 'The Real World' script for season 29. The new season is to be called 'The Real World Ex-Plosion'. Not hard to decipher the twist from the title. Basically, the show will initially stick with its initial premise and tagline: 7 strangers all living together, see what happens when strangers stop acting polite, and starting being real. The twist comes when they bring in the cast member's former love interests. That will certainly amp up the drama factor.

    I understand why the show is doing this. Makes sense, from a dollar and cents perspective. But, come on.. The Real World used to be interesting. And even when it was 'boring' and not much was going on, it was always able to hold my attention because it at least felt real. Slightly contribed, but still mostly real. Over the last few decades, that realness has plummeted into drunken ridiculousness. Adding in this twist.. they should have just canceled the show. But, the 'Real World' brand is still strong. MTV just couldn't let it go, a shame really.