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We are teaching our kids to kill

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    Probably a bit unrealistic to expect congressmen to legislate their own demise.
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    They'd be more likely to increase term lengths than to impose term limits.

    They are in it for one thing: themselves.

    They want the most money, the most benefits, the most money, the most retirement, the most money, the most freebies, they want to get as much of everything as they can for themselves before they are voted out then they become lobbyists and they take care of the new Congressmen just as they were taken care of.

    Then the neverending cycle begins all over.

    The good ole boy network is alive and well.
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    As I said before , term limits via the ballot box is the surest way to enforce term limits, no need for added legislation, just vote them out.
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    But we don't vote them out. Every recent election I hear the same thing, "Vote em out" but we reelect them at an alarming rate. I think I heard Congress' reelection rate is about 90%. Whatever the percentage's way too high.

    Term limits are the only way to clean them out. Since they make the rules, term limits are unlikely.

    We are stuck with the corrupt bums and there's not much we can do about them. Congress' approval rating is close to single digits, and rightfully so, so why do we overwhelmingly reelect them?

    The president can only do 8 years, there's no way that Congress should be able to go more than 12.
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    One of the best ways to end the political corruption, put an end to lobbying. If you can't end lobbying than, all lobbying by outside interests must be made public for all to see who is pushing the politician in a decision that many do not like. Identify all campaign donations and their source. No campaign donation may be held secret or denied public review. All funds that a politician receives, even his pay, which is currently public information, will be disclosed to the public for free access.

    If you take away these hidden trusts and incomes the politicians receive than maybe America can see some faithful people serving the populations. Lobbying only serves to pad the pockets of the politician. Billions are transferred into the political arenas without any accountability for public disclosure. Make Washington serve by taking away their ambitions of greed and power, getting paid highly for their activity.

    These things like guns, fraudulent payments for government material, pipelines, highway projects and other pork barrel projects will be harder to support by greedy politicians. Just maybe, America can force politicians to serve the people and not themselves.

    The use of guns can be an advantage and the use of the military can protect America's interests. The biggest problem is so many people want to say what you can eat, what you can read, what you do with your life, but they don't want to communicate as these people just want to take your freedoms. Many people responding in this thread are freedom haters and desire to make YOUR life just like theirs. I say to hell with you. I fought for my freedom and I will play as hard as I want and as long as I want. I helped give you that right to discuss your ignorance, so go ahead and give me your best.

    I do believe that guns have went to far, which is why I fully support strict gun control and mental health initiatives, but I am not going to outlaw guns in this country. Since serving in the Armed Forces, I realize that there are military problems. I believe America will deal with those problems as we are currently doing so, but I am not against anybody desiring to serve their country in our Armed Forces. If you do not or cannot serve your country in the Armed Forces, than serve in the Peace Corps or be active in a Church mission around the world. Doctors/Dentists without Borders is a great program. I find that most people who complain about serving their country quickly condemn the military, but they are too cowardly to even serve in peaceful organizations rendering support and aid to starving, dying and poor countries. I often think these people just don't have a realistic view of why they exist. They live in their tiny little world, which to me is boring. Live a life that is accomplishing something instead of just of killing grass while walking as your main ambition.
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    AmcmurryFreedom Wrote:
    'Fraid none of that would work. The US government is blatantly an extension of the corporate sector. Until there is a change in the balance of power between voters and the corporate/government complex, there will remain a symbiotic relationship between the two. And together they will continue to control the system that decides how useful your vote will be, or not.

    Funnily enough, it is the GOP that has shown a way out of your quagmire. In North Carolina, the GOP (Tea Party actually) managed to take over public institutions including the congress and the senate that had been held by Democrats since 1870. Cleverly using the money of its billionnaire sponsor Art Pope. It was quite a coup.

    And guess what happened next?

    North Carolina Republicans, however, have embraced voter suppression with unusual enthusiasm. They’ve introduced voter ID, a common GOP method of reducing turnout among minorities, low-income voters and students. They’ve introduced Florida-like restrictions on early voting, cutting early voting hours and eliminating voting the Sunday before election day in order to thwart voting drives at African-American churches.

    There's more of this sort of behaviour you can see via this link:

    This was a blatant use of the power of money. But I gather there are also grassroots movements of Democrats who work on the weaknesses of elected representatives to persuade them to change their advocacies. Or gathering support around new candidates to oppose dollar-bound incumbants.

    The Tea Party is also a model for something else. In effect it is an effective third party. Which is just the sort of thing American politics needs - but on the left and in the centre, not the right. We know the Democrats are no less beholden to corporate interests than the GOP. Breaking that chain and giving people greater choice in who they elect needs to proceed from the approaches used by the Tea Party. More and more voters are classifying themselves as Independent because they have no natural home in Congress's design. I would have thought such a group would be amenable to the idea of new parties. Yet they do not develop those new choices because they do not have the organisation or energy.

    Maybe they need a rich champion. Like the Ukrainian billionaire who is supporting the government coup in the Ukraine. Oddly, though an "oligarch", he made his money not from the cheap take-over of state oil assets as most of them did - but from making chocolate. Sweet guy.
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    Like I said in part, "remove the money, remove the lobbying and stick to hard-core, thought provoking and intelligent politics". Only than will America have a chance at a better Democracy of government by "The People". By having "The People" dedicated to improving America prohibiting the greed of money and the evils of power will "We" have a chance.

    Of course, I realize this is an impossible task, but I can always dream for the best. How's that go, "I have a dream, standing on Mountain-Top" worked well for Black America, so why not for all of America. "I have a dream"!

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    Amc I was with you until you said ..."remove the money"...

    You and I both know that won't happen, but like you also said, it's OK to dream.
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    Mikejusticefighter Wrote: We must ban programs like the Sea Cadets and Young Marines! They are teaching our kids to kill!
    Yeah, this is a pretty absurd claim. You're going to need to back this up somehow.
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    I agree Zach! The creator of this thread must have a hidden agenda, like inciting a riot, or classroom argument. If this thread was created citing Young Marines and Sea Cadets, both great programs, this person must also not like Boy Scouts, Church Youth Groups, Peace Corp, even those young people coming to your door from the Jehovah's Witness. Hey, these programs all are teaching our youth and they might even carry knives and heaven forbid guns. I really think this person only wanted to start an argument without giving any credible evidence to support his claim. It's what media news junkies do getting the public to speak on issues like this.

    I bet this person creating the thread has a large inventory of violent video games. He's taking out all his worldly frustrations on battling video enemies or even worse how many cars he can crash, police authorities he can destroy or kids he can kill. Video gaming is the undisputed pig excrement of our society. So, instead of learning the right way to honor the safety of a gun and have the skill in the right way and use to possess a weapon, this person thinks youth programs are teaching the killing ways. Now, if he suggested the KKK, NAZI Skin Heads, or some social dangerous group, I may be able to relate. He's wrong on the Young Marines and Sea Cadets and is just fishing for Hub responses. Sorry, I'm not buying into his/her agenda.