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Voting rights

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  • Democrat
    Fife, WA
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    With a lot of States passing laws to restrict voting times and days, why not just allow everyone to vote using Absentee Voting?

    We have this system in Washington State. You receive your ballot well in advance of the election day, and you can vote by mail, or, drop your ballot off at designated drop boxes anytime prior to the election day.

    If you mail it, it must have a postmark prior to COB election day.

    It works.
  • Center Left
    Charlotte, NC
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    Making it more difficult then it should be.
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    I think your suggestion about the Absentee Ballot, is a very good one. All the rules sound simple & manageable. This would make it "easy" for almost anyone, no matter their age, or distance from a polling place. Only ONE problem. This puts a whole lot of discretion in the hands of what are usually "volunteers" who do the paper work. OFTEN, these places have DOZENS of right-wing people who show up for their "duty" & perhaps do their work fairly accurately. But in my experience, there are those who work there, who do NOT want a "fair" outcome, but will throw away ballots, or lose some ballots, or put stray markings on ballots, etc. A few years back, it was not too uncommon to find boxes & boxes of uncounted ballots to be floating down the river, (after an election). If you are a Democrat in a RED state, you should go watch them on a voting day & see if anything looks unusual, or even partially "suspect." For we KNOW the Koch boys are busy working their "magic" with bribes & bonuses, if the election goes "their way." There are people who register & vote in several states.... Who use false ID's etc --- Oh, It's a JUNGLE out there.