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Live from CPAC

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    Yes, I did read it. My only comment is, if all these facts are known why do people here do "follow" and keep the "blinders on" while most things around us are so obvious? It must be as you said "The Animal Farm" ; just follow the leader of the cliff. Sorry to say the "education" in this country is lacking education in real world facts; as an teacher you likely found that out.

    Right now, the people here have no clue about all these "chess" pieces of what is happening in the world around this island.

    These are very dangerous times if we let people like Trump hold the rudder again; the ship will certainly capsize and the occupants will drown in their own created shit.

    Furthermore as I mentioned many times, how can an "criminal" as Trump run for the position as President; then for sure our laws/lawyers are "missing" the important things. Sorry the way things are going in this world don't look good at all. May be the end of "humanity" may be closer than we all think.

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    Heather's letter from last night proves that the GOP has gone completely mad:

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    Arizona, thanks for your info. Yes I guess the "system" here allows such, which shows clearly that things from 1776 and "case laws" no longer work, let alone our representatives. How come no one stands up and "fixes" our "system" to make it work as it should.

    First of all make the Constitution an "living document" which fits our present times as other countries do and is up to date and reflects strict rules for everyone. Secondly make sure our representatives are selected based on "knowledge" and "integrity" and get rid of the "money" in elections. If not then this country will keep sinking in the "swamp".

    The CPAC showed clearly what is wrong here; I guess the GOP lives on another distant planet far from reality on this clump of mud floating in space. I guess the people here love "crooks" and accept them as being "normal" here. Brains are optional.