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  • Center Left Democrat
    Flagstaff, AZ
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    As most of you are aware, the Conservative Political Action Committee just concluded its annual meeting this weekend just outside Washington D.C.

    Speakers included Rick Perry, Chris Christie, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, among others. To read what the arch conservatives feel about the conference, click on the link below:

    Here's the report from a less conservative source:

    Winner of the straw vote, with 31% of the vote total, was Rand Paul, the guy who just introduced an amendment to a bill to allow guns in Post Offices. Ted Cruz, the man who shut down the government last fall (and read Green Eggs and Ham to Congressional Leaders) came in 2nd.

    I'm very concerned about the 2014 mid-term elections, since the Cook political report indicates that both the House and the Senate could go either way. However, the fact that even Mtich McConnell isn't extreme enough for the Tea Party should make it a little easier for Democrats to retain the Senate, and take control of the House:

    As long as groups like the CPAC exist (comprised largely of Tea Part politicians) we aren't going to see a Republican President for a long,long time.

  • Democrat
    Philadelphia, PA
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    Don't be too sure of yourself, there is a lot of anger out there and the target seems to be the AFA and now also Foreign Policy, which is pretty much perceived as weak at best, the Administration is addressing these issues with the IRS pretty lamely, by admitting that there isn't a smidgen of corruption at that Agency but then again you better take the 5th anyway is not working with the electorate, although the Administration weathered the NSA mess pretty well, the Benghazi incident just won't go away, so don't count your chickens yet.
  • Liberal Democrat
    Colorado Springs, CO
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    Thanks Arizona for the links to the CPAC coverage. I have watched so many clips on MSNBC of the CPAC conference of Clowns it has my head spinning. Maybe I said something similar following the last CPAC in 2013: calling them clowns does an injustice to that profession.Yesterday, after watching Sarah Palin give one of her classic, disjointed, incoherent monologues in her screeching voice, I was happy to hear Joy Reid comment, "I never understand a word that woman says." Join the club. Why is Sarah Palin always a featured speaker? She is old news and has worn out my ear drums long time ago. Never has anything of substance to say. I guess she appeals to the bottom of the intellectual barrel because even some Fox News pundits cringe when she speaks. Oh and old white men love her too.

    However what did Paul Ryan say that got applause from the crowd? Instead of quoting the usual news sources, I found this article in the Philadelphia Progressive Examiner by Tim McCown:

    CPAC 2014 in closing sent in the clowns

    "I am still reeling from Congressman Paul Ryan's glib statement that what essentially amounts to child abuse somehow teaches children that they are loved. Anyone who is not outraged by Ryan's belief that humiliating and allowing children to be hungry is teaching love needs their head examined in my book.

    "It is telling to me that Ryan's little story to back up his despicable beliefs turned out to be a lie. Has lying become a necessary and moral behavior for Conservatives because more and more people would reject their ideas if they told the truth?"

    McCown goes on to label the Republican belief system as "disgusting, shallow, and inhumanely selfish and cruel." He asks, "What does it say about a group of people who feel no shame, guilt or remorse at intentionally causing pain and hardship to other people and in the process destroy peoples lives and families just to reward a group of people whose success is based on buying influence and using that to rig the tax and economic structure to reward only themselves while impoverishing everyone else?"

    I agree with Tim McCown. And I have to also question the psychological and biological make-up of people in the audience that cheer this kind of mentality.

    Oh well...maybe Paul Ryan is old news as well. He tied for 8th in the CPAC Straw Poll with just 3 percent of the vote. Bring on Rand Paul!