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Your all being watched and catlogged in the data bank

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    Be careful of what you say. Prying eyes read and log your character, your responses, your web sites, and anything you look at from your PC and Cell-phone. Yes, the spying is going on like gang busters and it's not just the NSA, it several Megadollar Businesses that have huge data banks mining your information and tied to your IP address, name, home address, and your cell phone location.

    If you had a chance to listen to 60 Minutes tonight, you would learn something about these businesses that are capturing your intelligence and personal data, logging it and selling the information to the buyer that has the right funds. I was not surprised.

    This has been coming for a long time and Snowden, he's a chump basking in the limelight of "..see what I've done". Your assets, bank account, credit and property are all ready known. It's too late to do anything, but except it.

    So, while I was reading some recent threads today, I got to thinking about some sensitive responses that could become unsavory reporting on the blogger. You all do know.....that the fine print on this blog is DemocratHub is not responsible? They do know that undesirable things that may be written and that personal data about you will be broadcasted amongst all these companies that want to know everything about you.

    So remember, you already have a data file and it grows each time you type on your computer and walk around with your cell phone. We don't need no stinking UAV's with cameras sneaking around the skies, these companies are doing it the old fashion communications.

    I'm waiting for the Scanners to come about reading my brainwaves, than they know what your thinking..........weird.