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military programs in schools

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    The Military should be totally banned from nurseries, and from preschools and kindergartens.
    But seriously, in secondary schools, to include discipline, group (corps included) orientation and
    dedication (rather than just autonomy) would actually be an addend to learning and experience.
    A dimension of decorum within formal contexts (such as behavior and dress codes in schools)
    would not be brain-washing youth to become rambos revved for rampage. Some exposure to
    discipline, even "periodic-contained regimentation" would not destroy individuality or supervene
    sensitivity of those not inherently militaristic-material/men or women.
    The presentation of and preparation in combat-related ways and means per se would not promote
    warriors -- rather, provide a (so to speak) "worst case scenario breadth of information and even
    ability for . . . civilian defense". Should there arise an actual insurgent enemy, in this country the
    population would be pre-victims, helpless, clueless.
    The paradigm of globalized financial interdependence seems, to me, a detente and determinant so
    that waging actual war would be the equivalent of the aggressor asserting itself by committing suicide
    of its country's economy, at least. But the presence of myriad militaries is also a deterrent in a "stand
    your ground" global arena. Actual military membership provides our country's strength, starting with
    "appearance" and, of course, materiel inventories.
    We may be about to recognize the most dangerous adversary we face is NATURE, not each other.
    Climate change, desertification, storm intensification, tsunamis, even mutant-resistance disease
    strains and resurgences are evident. The most strategic role of organized, "militarized" men and women
    may soon significantly include (if not even focus on) winning in "theaters of devastation" (such as,
    most recently, the Philippines and Japan). Recognition of the roles already played by our military in
    disaster-relief, perhaps it should be recognized that this dimension of "learning and training" would
    be most valuable even in a public classroom . . . . . and recognized by the teaching military that
    such should be a significant focus of their curriculum.
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    Ft.myers, FL
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    I guess you are thinking like any American; however schools should prepare kids for the society and skills needed in that society. All the other elements are social skills which could exist of, sports, mental; like negotiation skills, financial prudence and skills. social skills ( thou shall not kill; and be nice to animals etc.) For the rest, like in Europe you have the civilian units who are deployed in case of natural disasters; they maintain underground bunkers etc. Also the nutty thing here is the deployment of the Army corps of engineers to manage civilian water management projects like in New Orleans and here in FL. these jobs should 100% civilian. We have enough proof here in FL that they have a solely Army mindset and do not care about nature nor humans health related to water management; they drain a huge poluted lake right here via the river into the Gulf and spoil our beaches etc. They have no clue whatsoever and just follow up orders as robots; because Governor Scott gets probably "paid" via the poluting industry to keep this going.
    Therefore also for internatial disaster relief it should not be people in US military uniform; but only under UN oversight, dressed in UN coveralls.
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    A good read on the military's so called patriotism (don't miss the comments, they are very, very enlightening) -