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Does this really belong in our schools?

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    I like to reply on AMC's statement; no one reacted on my thread except PGR got it right;
    so I repeat; is this the thruth about this country?


    No, no this does not belong in schools!! Schools should be the place where a kid develops its own skills; not be trained to be a robot or Rambo's; discipline is supposed to be taught at home, by the parents. Any school should have school rules and behavior disciplines in place; so no other requirements are needed except teaching in such way that these kids realize that they will have to enter the society at a certain age and find a job and have the neccesary job skills. Marine training, uniforms nor guns belong in the classroom.

    Your first section says it all; if parents in this country act indeed that way, then all is lost; you may as well reinstitute the Hitler Jugend training.
    Sorry to say, I do not understand why those parents get kids, they may as well adopt a turtle which you only have to feed once a day; kids are no "toy's" which you hand of to someone else to "model" them into the "teachers" mindset. No wonder kids here kill their parents once in a while.
    Why not train them to become "teaparty" members as soon as they left their diapers?