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Chicago Blackhawks Will Win Stanley Cup This Year

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    The Chicago Blackhawk's have always been my favorite hockey team by far. I really started to get into hockey when I moved from Dallas TX to Chicago IL, in 2007. Coming from a state that barley gets colder than 50 degrees, hockey was not a well liked/known sport. But as soon as I got into the 'Windy City' I realized this was the sport for me. With that being said the Hawks will for sure take it home this year! I was in downtown Chicago when they won against the Philadelphia Flyers, and let me tell you, it was CRAZY how much it brought the city together. And again, they won in 2013 against Boston. Unfortunately I was not there for that one, but instead glued to the Tv and ecstatic when the outcome went my way.

    With the big trade coming up on March 5th, what will happen? Any predictions anyone? What's your favorite team?