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Who's Looking Forward to This Year's CPAC?

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    Everyone's favorite time of the year is nigh! The 2014 Conservative Political Action Conference begins tomorrow in Washington, D.C. and if it is anything like previous years, it will be one heck of a show. The CPAC typically brings out the worst of the worst regarding American conservatism as every speaker tries to out crazy the previous one. I have no doubt this year will be any different.

    Perhaps the biggest snub of the year is that Speaker Boehner was not invited to speak at the event. The fact that the second person in line to succeed the Presidency in a national emergency was not invited to speak goes to show how divided the Republican party is right now. The tensions between the Tea Party, anti-government types and more traditional Republicans have been simmering for quite some time now and show no signs of easing anytime soon. These tensions will become more front and center if the Republicans retake the Senate in this years mid-terms, which is a very real possibility.

    With the Republicans having a legitimate shot at retaking the Senate in this years mid-terms, these tensions will become even more front and center. Will the Tea Party win the day in their never ending drive to weaken government with their no compromise, take no prisoners ideology? Or will the adults in the room reassert themselves? If this years CPAC speakers are a pretense for what a Republican majority in Congress will do, then we will be in for a treat.

    Here is the list of speakers for the weekend. I can't help but notice the party that is desperately trying to get women to vote for them keeps forgetting to invite them to speak at major events like this.
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    What a disgusting event. It would be like a prison sentence. Yes, not really appealing to women or minorities. 1 or 2 minorities but those are tokens.
    It's no wonder why they have not reached the masses. I'd say that they're pretty solid with old white men though. Hopefully their clumsy ways will continue to cause them to fail. Problem is on local or statewide elections, there's probably not much diversity in the demographics.