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More Oil Pipelines.....Why?

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    We're awaiting the decision on the Keystone XL Pipeline, but I located a new article written as "Who Wants an Oil Pipeline? Trains Bring in More Money"
    The article is in todays (3-4-2014) Wall Street Journal, Market Place Section and authored by Alison Sider. It's a great piece that illustrates some data on what the decision may bring on Keystone XL Pipeline, although it does not mention this pipeline. However, many planned pipelines for new construction are being shelved because the investors do not want to pay for something that does not give a good return. Makes sense. The article outlines how railway transport of oil aligned with the new regulations on the toxic crude (DILBIT) makes trains the better investment. Additionally, most pipelines terminate at railway yards for transport on trains anyway. Not only are the many environmental issues on pipeline construction there are now questions on how much an pipeline investment will bring a return better than railway transport.

    I personally don't like the pipeline concept for the Keystone XL design trafficking through the heartland of America. So, to read this new article from Ms. Sider is a breath of fresh air on a toxic issue.

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    This link has a US map with pipelines marked. Wow, Houston is an end point for a large number of pipelines.
    I honestly hope that terrorists never see this as a potential target. From how the map looks (click on map to
    enlarge it) it seems that it could be a huge disaster.