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South Africa's "Trial of the Century" Begins: Oscar Pistorius Pleads Not Guilty

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    The murder trail of Oscar Pistorius, the first double amputee to ever run in the Olympic Games, started today in South Africa. For those of you who haven't followed the case, Pistorius is accused of murdering his girlfriend on Valentines Day in 2013. Mr. Pistorius claims that he mistakenly shot her after thinking that she was an intruder and the prosecutors allege that he premeditated the murder.

    The case has garnered worldwide attention because of the sensationalism of a national celebrity being accused of murder. It also has all the tell tale signs of a soap opera trial due to his girlfriend being a popular model in South Africa and abroad.

    Has anyone been following the case? Do yo believe that he mistakenly shot her, as he says, or murdered her in cold blood?
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    I have watched coverage on this case on CNN the last 90 minutes. In my opinion, Oscar is very guilty. A man with a love of guns has an "intruder" locked in his bathroom...... he's holding a gun..... why not call 911 and ask for help, while keeping the gun pointed at the door ? He shoots through the door. She screams help (as testified by neighbors who said they heard a women screaming..... Defense says it was Oscar screaming but all neighbors heard a women screaming..... He continues shooting through the door (after she had screamed). This killed her. He then beats the door with a cricket bat to get to the women he just shot. Maybe if he had knocked on the door she would have answered it. When you live with someone and they're location is not known, how do you indiscriminately shoot a gun at a closed door. Oscar later yelled help after he realized what he had done.
    Not the best way to spend Valentines day.
    Being a sports celeb., he'll probably get off.
    My lady is said about every 15 seconds. Courteous I guess but very redundant.