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    I'm fairly sure that many of you have not heard about this, since the most TV media opposition to it came from the hated Fox News, but here's something interesting. The FCC was planning to do a 'study' in the newsrooms and neighborhood of America to determine their political views. The 'study' has been cancelled (thankfully in my opinion), but still what does a news corporation's political views have to do with the FCC? And why were they planning to involve Newspapers, which are outside of their jurisdiction?

    Many conservatives (including Fox News, of course) say that this is the first step in the Obama administration controlling what is and is not reported. Truthfully (after hours of searching) the only link I can find between the Obama administration and this study (and possible future plans) is that the FCC is run by the Federal Government and that the President is the one who appoints the Commissioners. Do I personally think he knew what was going on and approved? Yes, but I can't conclusively prove it so it remains my opinion and I will not state it as a fact.

    The various news agencies would have had the 'right' to opt out of the planned 'study' but would they really have that right? If the FCC wants to do a study and your company opts out, do you really see the FCC renewing your license? Lets be honest with ourselves here, its about as voluntary as the draft was. Oh you can refuse the draft, but you will suffer consequences for it.

    Here is the document (from the FCC's website) on what their plan was and it even has the questions they intended to ask. Scroll down about 1/3 of the way to page 25 (the page numbers are listed at the bottom of each 'page') for a list of the questions.

    Here is their statement on what their job is (with links on the side to their regulations. There are 186 regulations, so I'm not going to read them all or even post a selection here)

    And finally, for the FCC monitoring program, don't believe me that that was planned? How about an FCC commissioner who wrote to the Wall Street Journal?