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Godzilla Is Back!

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    The anticipation is over, Godzilla finally returns to us and seems to have brought a new zing to the tale. After seeing too many different movies to count portraying to enormous reptilian beast, I like other Zilla enthusiast are excited to see a change. This new installment seems to make the long necessary changes where due, and keep the original content as they should (going off the content they have released). Now i'm not claiming to have any more insight on this than anyone else, seeing that they have yet to release any extended trailer, and refuse to speak of any of the new changes made. In every interview I have seen, they have asked the actor/actress what the movie has to offer, and the question has been answered with "you'll see!". This could either mean the movie has a lack of anything new at all... or has something amazing in store. And I'm optimistic!

    One of the aspects of the film I am highly excited for is the main role being played by Bryan Cranston. This is one of my favorite actors since the AMC show Breaking Bad. Cranston has a way of making you slip into any emotion he is playing and seems to never disappoint. Taking everything into consideration, I am hoping this movie isn't another let down. There have been too many movies released in the past decade that use super confusing dialog, and a couple cool graphics in a short trailer.... then make you regret spending your money to see it.