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  • California
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    let them all speak
    say what they will
    say how difficult it all is
    even in the best of times

    but first imagine the Seattle space needle
    without windows and without a restaurant

    when viewing platforms are built atop the pyramids
    free for viewing
    showing all
    Egyptian children the horizon
    then and only then will E-children
    begin to see the future.

    just ask anyone who's overcome a fixation.
    i dare ya!
  • Center Left
    Central, FL
    Are you sure you want to delete this post?
    I have to be honest. I didn't understand this. But, it sounds very deep. We need new members with new ideas to add. So, I welcome you and I hope that you visit again soon. I guess I should go and Google Fixation. Maybe viewing platforms "near" the pyramids.....
    Take care,