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Study Confirms that watching no news is better than watching Fox News.

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    I don't watch television, but it would interesting to see "our" BBC versus the British one. BBC has received a ton of jounalistic awards, so either version is still going to be better than FOX.

    My favorite show ever on BBC was one where Piers Morgan interviewed Jesse Ventura, and Jessa absolutely cleaned his clock,

    I lived in China for a year, so definitely was aware of the censoring that was done by the Chinese government. To my knowledge, the Chinese governemnt still does not allow Facebook, and there was a question for a while if they would even allow Google.
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    Guy, In Britain they show much more news, like demo's on the street even in favor of Isis etc. They do not show that here; neither their discussions in Parlement or the real Schotland seperation background etc. The BBC here has been adapted to the US public here.
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    Even though Darrell Issa's Benghazi was unable to find any wrong dong on the part of the Obama administration after spending 2 years and $5,000,000, ANOTHER Benghazi committee (chaired by Rep. Trey Gowdy) has been formed, and will start meeting this week.

    The reason for the obsession with Benghazi is solely the fault of FOX "news", which has aired nearly 1100 segments across 5 programs since November of 2012: