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Reaching out to African Americans

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    I wanted to lend my support of the plight of the African American man and his family. Having spent a little time in jail and 18 months in prison ,
    I noticed that one half the population was black the rest mixed . Seems somewhat disproportional and it is. I'm not sure , that's not true when I realized we are all slaves,what sparked it but I thought back to the days of slavery. I discovered that only six percent of all slave trade occurred in America. There sole purpose, to bring in England's crops! Seems they weren't as far removed as we were told.George, perhaps Britons finest.
    Now add up the wars fought since our inception. The black man fought out front for their freedom during the civil war. World War one and two, Korea, Vietnam, and all those in between. It was the poor that we're drafted, a very large portion of black Americans were and still are the poor.
    These men fought for our country and died! Who would watch the children and help guide them. I'm sure can understand how these men find themselves incarcerated. It might be noted also that they feed mostly on their own. They won't cry out for help they are proud men and I believe
    any positive recognition would help lift them from their prison. The cycle will not be broken unless we stop and understand why this happened . Not from laziness or not smart enough , wait till I tell that story, it's because of the fathers missing. As fathers we are the care givers the lovers. We go about our business of supporting and protecting our families without asking for a whole lot. Give these people the respect they deserve. They are truly of a sort I am not familiar with. Watch as they worship, now that's inspirational. God helps those left behind, spiritual indeed.
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    One of Barack Obama's more memorable speeches was the one he gave on race as a candidate for president: A More Perfect Union. Another was his response to the Trayvon Martin shooting.

    YouTube: Obama Speech: 'A More Perfect Union'

    YouTube: President Obama Speaks on Trayvon Martin

    Click on the links to listen to his words. I'm sure you've already heard them. The More Perfect Union speech is one of many references he has made to race in his speeches, but I consider this one to be his best.

    His words on Trayvon Martin were made without a prepared text...he spoke from the heart.

    Off course he has other the Father's Day speech that addresses missing fathers. Sometimes he is speaking to Americans as a whole and other times he comes across as lecturing to the African-American community.